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CustomFit Waders

WadersCustomFit is the most popular choice for our Dryline neoprene waders.

When you are investing in a wader that you spend a lot of time in, and a wader that due to its high quality will last for many years to come, you need to ensure that they will be as comfortable as possible. Having your waders CustomFit is the best choice giving the best result.

We have been handcrafting CustomFit waders for many many years.

We have more and more commercial companies ordering custom made waders for their staff as they are more comfortable - therefore easier and faster to get the job done, and more durable as they do not get wear spots from creases in the fabric.

If you would like your waders custom made for the perfect fit, just select "CustomFit" in the Body Size option.

Custom made neoprene waders incur an additional cost.

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