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Stay warm and dry while fishing and hunting

Welcome to Dryline Ltd, manufacturers of quality neoprene waders and accessories.  We use the best grade of neoprene available (XTREME) to ensure our products stand the test of time and do what they are designed to do.  Each pair of waders is handcrafted from scratch into a quality product.

Dryline will hand-make your waders or accessories if you are involved in activities such as river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing, whitebaiting, duck shooting or game bird shooting.  We also cater for the commercial user and anybody else who needs to meet health and safety regulations.

Hunting & Fishing

Recreational Handcrafted Neoprene Waders...

We are now into the fishing season. Order your waders now to avoid that cold, wet feeling.  Make fishing an enjoyable experience!

Commercial Safety

Commercial Safety Chest Waders & Thigh Waders.

Dryline Safety Waders offer the highest level of protection from the elements - ideal for deep water work in a variety of environments.

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Free Information Pack

See for yourself how durable and reliable our neoprene really is. We’ll send you our latest brochure with a sample of our extra tough Xtreme neoprene.

You are also able to request a Safety Wader info pack from us as well.

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